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Reflecting Two Artists Without Color Medium - Artist Pad

Reflecting Two Artists Without Color Medium - Artist Pad

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Sketchbook showcasing the painting : 

Artist Pad Showcasing the Painting:

"Reflecting Two Artists Without Color" Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 48X48 Date: 2015

This 6.25" x 4" artist pad has a cover that is 36 points thick, ensuring sturdiness and durability. The robust cover protects the 120 pages (60 sheets)  inside from external damage, guaranteeing the pad remains intact for an extended period. The pages within boast a weight of 28 lbs, premium paper making them perfect for sketching. They provide a smooth surface for pencils, charcoal, pastels, and other mediums to glide on, offering an ideal canvas for your artistic expressions.


36 Pts Laminated Cover and 62 Lbs cream skecth paper


8.5" x 6.75"


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