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Blue Blossom Acrylic Ensemble Vase

Blue Blossom Acrylic Ensemble Vase

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Introducing our stunning Blue Semitransparent Acrylic Flower Vase, a delightful fusion of elegance and contemporary design.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this unique vase features a mesmerizing print of delicate white flowers against a backdrop of rich blue semitransparent acrylic. The vibrant colors and intricate detailing create a captivating visual feast, adding a touch of charm to any space.

Designed for both functionality and style, this vase is comprised of three distinct pieces. Two rounded pieces beautifully display the enchanting floral imagery, while a sleek square vase serves as the sturdy base, housing the flowers and water securely.

Whether adorning your dining table, mantlepiece, or office desk, this exquisite flower vase is sure to elevate any interior setting. Bring a burst of natural beauty into your home or workspace with our Blue Semitransparent Acrylic Flower Vase, a true testament to artistry and sophistication.




6.90" x 6.90" x 2.5"



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