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Art Journal Cherry-up

Art Journal Cherry-up

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This art journal is a delightful addition to our collection. It features a sturdy hardcover, providing durability and protection for your creative endeavors. The notebook's dimensions measure 8.5" x 6.75", making it compact and portable, perfect for carrying in your bag or backpack.

The interior pages are crafted from premium-quality 28 lbs white paper, specifically chosen for its smooth texture and optimal thickness. This ensures that your artwork, sketches, or writings will be beautifully presented on each page.

The cover of the art journal is adorned with a solid color that complements the overall design aesthetic. Additionally, prominently displayed on the front cover is an eye-catching image of a fruit. Whether it's a detailed rendering of a banana, an intricate apple illustration, or a vibrant depiction of a watermelon slice, the fruit image adds a touch of charm and inspiration to the journal.




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